Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Dressed - 2008 Emmy Awards

The hottest trends of the evening seemed to be purples, old-fashioned themed, lace, the Grecian look, and the mermaid style. Join us in reviewing the best and worst of the 2008 Emmy Awards.


Olivia Wilde (#1 best look of the night. It's ethereal and she looks like an angel), Kate Walsh (it's an homage to the chic 20's and it looks wonderful), Teri Hatcher (the color, the cut... she looks fabulous)


January Jones (absolutely beautiful silhouette and color on her. She would have made best overall, but we aren't feeling the hair), Nicollette Sheridan (the bold color is exquisite and we aren't normally in love with the pleated look, but this is perfection), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (this modern two-toned gown is so chic and contemporary and we love it)

Sarah Chalke (it's a similar style to Louis-Dreyfus' dress and we love this one too. The colors are fantastic), Holly Hunter (again with the beautiful purple. It's to-die-for), Felicity Huffman (her body is banging and this amazing dress fits her like a glove)

Cheryl Hines (it's the Grecian look toned down a bit and we love it), Sandra Oh (we love the intricate materials used. It's perfect in black because any other color would make it overwhelming), Brooke Shields (the color is risky, but it works on her. The only problem: she should have put her hair up because there's a little too much going on)


Debra Messing (best down 'do of the night. Her red locks are gorgeous), Vanessa Williams (best up 'do. A loose, low bun is always a good idea)


Jennifer Love Hewitt (can you say Jennifer Love Puke-it. This is horrendous. Why does she do this?), Kathy Griffin (it's really too bad. When you aren't pretty, you should make the effort to dress great)

Glenn Close (it's old-fashioned in a bad way. The dress is actually nice, but the weird shawl with fringe is gross and ruins the look), Eva Longoria (let's forget for a moment that this is totally inappropriate for the biggest night in television... it's an ugly dress and her hair is hideous... and who the hell did her makeup? Awful)


Marcia Cross (we hate the color on her and the boring flowers in the middle. Also, we're sorry, but she is too old for this style of dress), America Ferrera (way too much material. It just looks like an explosion in the fabric factory)

Evangeline Lilly (we were on the fence, but ultimately this dress makes her look more like the leaning tower of Pisa), Mary Louise-Parker (it's not the worst, but we're pretty sure we saw it in the David's Bridal bridesmaid section)


Mary Tyler Moore (why would she think spiky hair would look nice?), Christina Hendricks (she tried the Grecian-look, but it is just too messy), Cynthia Nixon (the bouffant-look is not working for her)

Hayden Panettiere (we have never been into the large bunch of hair off to the side. It looks 90's prom), Felicity Huffman (it's uneven and although she may have thought she was doing something revolutionary and chic... we beg to differ)


Tina Fey (it's simple, elegant, and fierce and she rocked this look), Rachel Griffiths (we love, love, love the style of this dress. We just would have preferred a bold color), Christina Applegate (it's kind of tea-pot chic and it almost works)

Debra Messing (it's almost there, but then the skirt gets a little too complicated), Mariska Hargitay (we love the bright and vibrant yellow, but it needs a belt or something because it is hard to see where her waist begins), Susan Sarandon (we adore the dress. It's flowy and pretty, but then we glance to the bottom and see the hideous black platform shoes that completely clash. It nearly ruins the entire look)

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