Sunday, February 16, 2014

Best Dressed - 2014 Golden Globes

Trends of the Night: Ravishing reds, chic blacks, gorgeous gold trims, ruffles galore, mermaid cuts, and off-the-shoulder. Join us in reviewing the best and worst of the 2013 Golden Globes. 


Lupita Nyong'o (#1 Best Look of the Night. She looks absolutely flawless is a dress that mirrors Gwyneth's fabulous 2012 Oscar gown), Amy Adams (we haven't seen Amy look this great in years. We love the way this frock looks on her. Perfection)

Julianna Margulies (She looks wonderful. We love the dress, especially), Sandra Bullock (the cut of the dress, the colors, the side pony... it all looks chic), Robin Wright (we love, love, love this gal and she looks gorgeous)

Julia Roberts (some people were on the fence about this dress, but we adore it. We've seen similar looks before, but the addition of the simple belt and the classy up 'do make it great), Emma Roberts (it's a black dress, but the cut is lovely. We also dig the sea-foam earrings)


Amber Heard (we love the style of this gown and we always are suckers for a gorgeous navy), Julie Bowen (despite her super skinny frame, we love this dress. The style is classic Hollywood, but the bold colors bring it into this millennium)

Sarah Paulson (it's a 20's inspired flapper gown and we love it), Angela Bassett (it's equal parts goth and chic and so, so bold for this beautiful 55-year-old). 


Julianna Margulies (best up 'do of the night. Elegant), Lizzy Caplan (best bob of the night)

Laura Dern (best long 'do of the night), Naomi Watts (best straight, sleek look)


Megan Mullallay (as if the hideous puffy sleeves weren't enough... she added the hipster glasses and the terrible orange, choppy hair 'do), Jacqueline Bisset (her speech was awkward and bad, but her dress and frizzy hair were even worse)

Lily Rabe (it's goth meets ice capades and the cold hair puff just makes it worse), Sally Hawkins (we absolutely love this girl, but her shrinking frame and over-bearing, old-lady dress are terrible), Emma Thompson (she looks as though she is wearing a suit of armor and her hair looks like a helmet)


Zoe Saldana (she's known for taking risks and also for those risks not paying off. The dress looks like a sewing room disaster), Aubrey Plaza (it's very 1997 prom)

Tina Fey (she looked fabulous during the show, but her red carpet look is just too... upholstery), Berenice Bejo (this is better than her 2012 looks, but the ruffles are too over-bearing), Paula Patton (we like the white on her, but the ruffles are obviously ridiculous) 


Elisabeth Moss (here's our favorite bad-haired quirky girl. Buy a brush!), Zooey Deschanel (the bangs and the side 'do AND the flower are just too much)

Sarah Hyland (the braid has been done to death and the terrible makeup... mainly the over done eyebrows, make the hair look even worse), Lena Dunham (she has the same problem as Elisabeth Moss... use a brush!)

Hayden Panettiere (slicked back isn't working for her), Kaley Cuoco (it looks like her hair needs a wash), Gabourey Sidibe (really? this is the best you can do? Invest in an awesome wig)

Edie Falco (this off-centered 'do doesn't do well with Edie's unique facial features), Kate Mara (we know the blond is for a project, buy the messy puff is not working)


Michelle Dockery (it's almost there, but the dress kind of washes her out. A little spray tan would go a long way here), Emma Watson (it's a bold design and vibrant colors. We love it, but not for the Globes. This would have done better at a premiere)

Sofia Vergara (we like the dress and the necklace, but not together. Also, her hair should have been up. There's too much going on), Reese Witherspoon (we like the color and cut. She looks like a California girl)

Uma Thurman (we haven't seen this lady is awhile and we like what she gives us. We aren't really fans of the cut, but it works for her long, slim frame), Helen Mirren (she always looks gorgeous and this gown is working for her)
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