Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Dressed - 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Trends of the night were belts, headbands, and mermaid gowns. Here are the best and worst looks of the 2012 Golden Globes


Helen Mirren (the #1 best look of the night. Beautiful gown, fabulous belt, and amazing hair and makeup), Jessica Chastain (the dress is sheer perfection and fits her curvy body well and her red hair only adds to the appeal)

Julie Bowen (gorgeous dress and hair), Viola Davis (another over-40 that knows how to look her best)


Kate Winslet (fabulous dress reminiscent of the 1920's), Tilda Swinton (amazing color. We absolutely love it)

Octavia Spencer (beautiful dress and beautiful color on her), Angelina Jolie (this is a surprise... she usually looks awful. We really are digging the look and colors of this dress), Diane Lane (she looks wonderful in this stunning gown)


Michelle Williams (she sure looks great with a pixie cut and headband), Sarah Michelle Gellar (we love a full ponytail), Julianne Moore (the vibrant red color in an elegant down-do is only enhanced by her fabulous emerald earrings)

Charlize Theron (another amazing headband look), Jenna Dewan (lovely 'do)


Lea Michele (it's like an 80's nightmare), Evan Rachel Wood (looks like a snake... and not in a good way), Glenn Close (she looks like Hillary Clinton... when she was first lady)

Elizabeth McGovern (such a hideous sack skirt), Kelly Macdonald (the cut is fine, but the color changes are horrendous)


Naya Rivera (when did it become acceptable to wear a trash bag?), Zooey Deschanel (this is really no surprise for Ms. Deschanel... she usually dresses like shit), Freida Pinto (we are so pissed she chose to wear this giant, boring dress)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (apparently her daughter picked this... she's 2, SMG... 2!!!!), Sofia Vergara (we don't know what's going on down there... just ugly), Madonna (as if her self-centered speech weren't bad enough... she had to subject us to this fugly dress)


Claire Danes (the dye job is bad, Danes), Reese Witherspoon (just a hot mess)

Kathleen Robertson (we feel like there's a big load of gel in that hideous 'do. Just a side note, but she looks like Tori Spelling with that facial expression. We'd stop making that face pronto), Tilda Swinton (hahahahahahaha... enough said), Kristen Wiig (it kills us to criticize her because she is fabulous, but... use a brush Kristen)


Emma Stone (nearly made Best Overall Look, but it seems her hair clashed with the dress), Connie Nielsen (pretty cut and color, but it just wasn't up to par), Claire Danes (the dress was interesting and almost there)

Maya Rudolph (we like the texture of this dress... we just wish she had added a simple belt to separate the top from the bottom), Berenice Bejo (this Argentine beauty is such a cutie in this dress)

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