Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Dressed - 2012 SAG Awards

Hot trends of the evening were blacks, creams, pinks, chiffon, braids, and minimal jewelry. Take a look at the best and worst (and there was no shortage of crap) of the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Lena Headey (the #1 best look of the night. It's fresh, a bit edgy, but classically beautiful as well), Octavia Spencer (this double winner is a close second in a gorgeous gown and hairdo to die for)

Jessica Chastain (this little lady can't do wrong this awards season. She looks stunning in a brilliant blue that brings out her ginger locks), Regina King (this one is a shocker because we never really see her at award shows, but King reigns supreme in a pretty lilac gown)


Sofia Vergara (looks like an actress from Hollywood's golden age in a fuchsia gown with a protruding bust), Kaley Cuoco (just goddess-like and sweet), Jayma Mays (we've seen this before, but it never goes out of style)

Gretchen Mol (it's simple, but classy), Dianna Agron (usually she looks like a disaster, but her stylist got this one right. She looks angelic, like Sienna Miller circa 2007)

Jessica Lange (the SAG winner takes the crown for the over-50 crowd in an amazing sparkling gown), Emily Blunt (absolutely delightful in a beautiful emerald dress), Naya Rivera (she's moving up in the world in a stunning silvery gown)


Penelope Ann Miller (best side 'do of the evening. It's very Grace Kelly), Kaley Cuoco (best braided look. It's very ethereal)

Lena Headey (best bob of the evening. It's chic and sexy), Jessica Chastain (best down 'do. She's channeling Veronica Lake), Emma Stone (best up 'do. It's sleek and stylish)


Heather Morris (the #1 worst look of the night. It's just plain ugly. The dress, the hair... and don't get us started on the clear stripper shoes), Janet McTeer (hideous... need we say more?), Busy Phillips (it saddens us to put one of our favorite actresses on this list, but goodness... why did you think you could wear the shower curtains?)

Amber Heard (job well done Amber. We are actually terrified. That was your goal, right?), Jenna Fischer (will this gal never learn? Matronly. We've said it a million times. MATRONLY)


Penelope Ann Miller (the color is terrific and the top is lovely, but the bottom is hideous. Didn't we see this in that movie "Steel Magnolias", which was released in 1989), Tina Fey (she just never gets this right. It doesn't work on her body), Emma Stone (the bust is hideous. It feels like prom)

Zoe Saldana (she always is trying something new. It's not working, Zoe), Amber Riley (really? A giant bow on your giant boobs? Really?), Angelina Jolie (ughhhh... please don't tell us you are reverting back to the goth, metallic, weird Angelina of the early 2000's. You've come so far. Fight it!)

Kathy Bates (We know you are older, but there is really no excuse. This is something Betty White would wear and she's more than a quarter century older), Glenn Close (she seems to be trying to live up to red carpet goddess, Helen Mirren. But, it just isn't working. The bottom of this gown is terrible)


Viola Davis (we're super upset with the SAG winner for trying a messy coif. It's awful. It looks like a dead cat), Emily Watson (did you do this in the car on the way over?), Rose Byrne (two words come to mind... Lego Hair. She could have learned from Lena Headey's bob)

Missi Pyle (messy and choppy. Just doesn't work), Berenice Bejo (this Argentine beauty really messed up with her 'do. We don't even know what's going on. On a side note: a necklace with a dark chain? You could attach a whistle to it), Kristen Wiig (the color is too dark for her and it just looks blah... and that choker is disgusting. We love you anyway, Wiig)


Natalie Portman (wine seems to be her favorite color. It's missing a belt or something), Tilda Swinton (same problem as Portman. A belt would have separated this gown very well and it would have made best dress. Very Katharine Hepburn in "A Philadelphia Story"), Meryl Streep (it's almost there, just a tad too much fabric)

Jane Lynch (again with the missing belt. We just love a gown with pockets though), Judy Greer (it's a lovely dress, but her skin is the same color. Invest in a slight tan, deary), Shailene Woodley (the cut and design are fabulous, but the colors seem off. It's just not working)

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