Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best Dressed - 2009 Emmy Awards

Trends of the night were hard to point out, but we saw lots of creams, braids, ruffles, and messy 'dos. Here are the best and worst of the 2009 Emmy Awards.


Debra Messing (#1 look of the night. It's a gorgeous color, cut, style on her and her hair and makeup are flawless), Ginnifer Goodwin (beautiful gown and the color of the necklace doesn't over-power the whole look)

Kristin Chenoweth (it's a beautiful dress and making it short was good because a long one could be too much), Kate Walsh (she looks angelic and chic)


January Jones (a perfectly stunning dress), Drew Barrymore (although we've seen this before, it never gets old. Barrymore looks stellar), Holly Hunter (she can pretty much wear anything and look fabulous)

Christina Hendricks (beautiful silhouette and color on her), Leighton Meester (we were on the fence until we realized it's not the dress... it's Meester. She doesn't do the gown justice. It would have looked better on a... taller person)


Kate Walsh (it's a great cut and style for her and the color is perfect), Ginnifer Goodwin (she changed the pixie cut a bit by slightly slicking it to one side. Bravo!! Best hair of the night), Alyson Hannigan (best long 'do. It's a little wild, but not to the point of messy)


Jennifer Carpenter (worst look of the night. The dress is hideous and the hair is a mess), Elisabeth Moss (she's not a pretty girl, but that's no excuse. Just look at how great Debra Messing can look. Moss needs to ditch her stylist and hair and makeup team for people who know how to make her look her best), Hayden Panettiere (she's short, so she really needs to be careful about what she chooses to wear. Also the hair, makeup, and color of the gown are not attractive on her)


Christina Applegate (ughhhh... and the cut makes her look bigger), Olivia Wilde (this isn't the Ice Capades. Just awful)

Lindsay Price (this dress is entirely too baggy and the strap is disgusting), Kyra Sedgwick (the top is fine, but it's the strip of flowers going down to a slit that makes us cringe)


Lisa Edelstein (by far the worst hair of the evening. It's heinous), Jennifer Love Hewitt (extension are disgusting and they always remind us of Miley Cyrus... ughhhhh), Leighton Meester (what were you thinking? Why?)

Blake Lively (it starts out lovely and then ends like a rat's tail), Drew Barrymore (We get where she was going, but it just looks like a messy poof)


Toni Collette (lovely color and style, but the bodice is a little too long), Sandra Oh (looks great, but a tad bit boring)

Tina Fey (again it's a little too boring. We do think she looks great though), Mila Kunis (the length is what gets to us... otherwise, perfect), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (great color and cut. It's too big and makes her look bulky)

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