Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2009 SAG Awards

The biggest trends of the evening seemed to be Grecian, an assortment of bold colors, and vintage. Take a look at the good and... oh so bad... looks of the 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Taraji P. Henson (#1 of the evening. The hair, the dress... she looks perfect), Freida Pinto (the gorgeous gal comes in as a close second with a baby blue to contrast her caramel skin. She looks exquisite)

Kate Winslet (is stunning in blue satin and the cut does wonders for her bangin' body), Anne Hathaway (looks like a Greek goddess, but keeps it modern with a chic bob)


Marisa Tomei (in a beautiful yellow gown. We especially dig the shoulder flower), Viola Davis (another amazing bright yellow dress is perfect on Davis' skin)


Claire Danes (best hair of the night. It's pretty and whimsical), Jenna Fischer (best down 'do. It's a little wild without the mess), Angelina Jolie (an elegant back 'do. It's not too loose, not too tight)


Meryl Streep (when you try a pants suit, it better be amazing. This is puffy, and dull and her hair is pointless), Teri Hatcher (she's drowning in this baggy, boring frock), Alison Pill (the girl is 24-years-old and she insists on dressing like a pre-teen... and not even a well-dressed one. It's just bad)


Marcia Cross (this might be the ugliest dress we've ever seen on a red carpet), Nicollette Sheridan (this might have worked without the sleeve and the horrible fish scale design), America Ferrera (the hideous black tulle has got to go)

Emily Blunt (we don't think this dress would be flattering on anyone), Penelope Cruz (the top is cut funny and it's velvet... enough said)


Eva Longoria (it's a long 'do made to look short. Don't feel bad Eva! It didn't work for the first lady either), Marisa Tomei (the off-centered poof is not attractive), Evan Rachel Wood (the style is actually very pretty, but we think the dye job is terrible. Whoever heard of Ritz cracker coloring?)


January Jones (the gown is nice. Her hair should be up), Amy Adams (the gown is great, but the color clashes with Amy's strawberry-blonde locks)

Christina Applegate (we like the homage to the 20's, but something is off), Rosario Dawson (it's a pretty dress, but the hair is all wrong. Also, she's got the wrong body-type for this cut. It works better on an hourglass figure)

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