Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2010 Golden Globe Awards

The biggest trends of the night were cocktail dresses, ruffles, messy up 'dos, blushes, purples, and blacks. Here are the biggest winners and losers of the 2010 Golden Globe Awards.


Drew Barrymore (the #1 look of the evening. She's beaming and beautiful in a gorgeous and risky gown, that works all the way), Kate Winslet (this is the way she was meant to look; statuesque, radiant, and chic), Heather Graham (she did minimal jewels and a simple ponytail to go with a shiny black gown and she looks great)


Stacy Ferguson (this is the prettiest we've ever seen Fergie. It's a beautiful gown that goes well with her chestnut brown hair), Lea Michele (she looks terrific in a stunning frilly gown)

Courteney Cox (simple, chic, and shows off her amazing body), Sandra Bullock (we normally wouldn't love this fabric or color, but the cut is amazing and makes it all work)


Rose Byrne (although we aren't crazy about the two-toned hair, she makes it work with a delicate down 'do and beautiful hair accessory), Ginnifer Goodwin (we love her short pixie cut. It works great on her), Zoe Saldana (a beautiful, flowy down 'do)


Tina Fey (this is just all wrong. The fabric, the cut, the shoes, the hair... Tina, what were you thinking?), Marion Cotillard (epic fail. This is a terrible cut and the lace underneath... ughhh. Don't even get us started on the poof)

Chloe Sevigny (she's drowning in the over-ruffled mess), Olivia Wilde (she usually does so well. This is hideous and her hair is off-center... and not in a good way), Christina Hendricks (how do we put this nicely? she looks cheap. The dress, the hair, the makeup. It looks like she is going to the porn awards)


Diane Kruger (the color is cotton candy meets Pepto-Bismol and the ruffles are too much), Anna Kendrick (we were on the fence, but the leafy fabric is what pushed us over. We are not fans), Zoe Saldana (the top is nice, but the bottom just becomes a mess)


Sandra Bullock (it's so messy and did part of it come out accidentally?), January Jones (what on earth? Really? Who told you this looked good?), Dianna Agron (this look was done to death this evening and Dianna's is the worst)


Meryl Streep (it's a nice look for her, but a tad bit too simple. Maybe a livelier belt would have done the trick), Toni Collette (this probably would have worked better if her hair was dark. As it is... too much gold), Julianna Margulies (her hair sucked, but the dress almost had it. Maybe a smaller hole in the top)

Mo'Nique (the gown is great, but she should have let her hair down. It looks too simple), Emily Blunt (the dress is pretty, but it washes her out. She should have invested in a slight spray-tan for the evening)

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