Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2010 SAG Awards

Trends of the night were few and far between, but we did notice quite a few reds and pinks. Here is a look at the best and worst of the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Kate Hudson (the #1 look of the night. It's a beautiful white gown with a plunging back, very reminiscent of Hilary Swank's 2005 Oscar gown), Lea Michele (a close second with this gorgeous green dress. She looks amazing), Christina Applegate (she looks very classically pretty in a silvery blue dress)


Mariska Hargitay (looks radiant in a very pretty pink dress. We just wish she had done a little more with her hair), Diane Kruger (we are stunned to see Kruger look this good. Generally she looks crazy. But we must give it up for this flawless mustard-colored gown), Carey Mulligan (it's definitely different, but we like the slightly baggy look of this rockin' red)


Penelope Cruz (best down 'do of the night. Generally we aren't into the highlights look, but she manages to make it look high class), Amy Adams (best ponytail of the evening. Sleek, chic, and cute), Kyra Sedgwick (best up 'do. It's not too tight and not too loose... it's perfect)


Paula Patton (by far the worst look of the night. An ugly dress is an ugly dress... pregnant or not. A side note: Paula Patton, please stop making those stupid 'sugary-sweet' faces), January Jones (just hideous and the hair is weird)


Dianna Agron (we're a little confused by this dress. What's going on at the top? And why is the belt only covering half of it?), Michelle Monaghan (we're not digging the light to dark from top to bottom and the fabric is heinous), Sandra Bullock (we were on the fence about this one. The cut is wonderful, but bright blue sparkles shaped like feathers just looks gaudy)


Drew Barrymore (we are so disappointed with one of our favorite actresses. The messy bouffant look? No... never), Jennifer Carpenter (another poof. It's very alien-like. Can you say puke?)


Helen Mirren (she looks great, but something is holding her back. Maybe the variety of grays), Anna Kendrick (the color is to-die-for and she looks so pretty. It's just slightly boring), Mo'Nique (it's a cute dress. It just needs a little color)

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