Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2008 SAG Awards

The biggest trends of the evening were vibrant colors, strapless looks, jewel-encrusted gowns, blues, golds, silvers, and messy 'dos. Join us in reviewing the best and worst of the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Marion Cotillard (#1 of the night. This little French girl can't do wrong. She's stunning), Kyra Sedgwick (love, love, love the color on her and the lace is to-die-for), Carla Gugino (great color and cut for the beautiful lady)


Christina Applegate (she looks simply radiant. Love this gown), Vanessa Williams (it's elegant, but also contemporary. The color is perfect on her skin tone)

Marcia Cross (it's been done before, but the bright, vibrant color is what makes it pop), Eva Longoria (it's very 20's chic. It's fitted and loose in all the right places)


Jeanne Tripplehorn (the best down 'do of the night. Her chestnut locks are sleek and beautiful), Rebecca Gayheart (classy and cute ponytail. She's super chic and we heart it)


Sandra Oh (it's horrendous. She drowns in this puffy nightmare. This might have been better as a short dress with a smaller bow), Chandra Wilson (she looks like an Olympic gold medal, but unlike the award, she is not a winner), Jenna Fischer (again with the dowdy look. We think Fischer has old-fashioned taste, but it rarely works)


Angelina Jolie (the sack dress is not the way to go when you are pregnant. It makes you look bigger), Cate Blanchett (the cut is fine, but the design is hideous. Can you say vomit couture), Ellen Pompeo (what kind of material is this? It's horrible. It looks like a tanning visor. Avert your eyes!)


Eva Longoria (she really doesn't know what to do with short hair. This is a 30's hair 'do - DON'T), Christina Applegate (we get the desire to go messy, but this is just bad. Couldn't you have put in a little more effort?)

Debra Messing (wow, that is a terrible look. The part is bad and she just ends up looking like a lion. On a side note, her dress is very similar to one worn by Madonna is the film "Evita"), Ellen Page (boring, boring, boring. Please make some sort of effort to look better than the average skateboarder)


Amanda Bynes (very pretty look and she nearly made best overall, but there is something a little reminiscent of prom in her appearance), America Ferrera (We love the lace and cut of this dress, but the color is blah)

Holly Hunter (another cut we love, but the color is not working. Also, Hunter should have put her hair up or back), Brittany Snow (looks quite similar to Applegate's gown. It's very nice)

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