Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2008 Academy Awards

The big trends of the night were an assortment of reds, creams, and blacks, bright colors, and long old-fashioned necklaces. Here's a look at the best and worst of the 2008 Academy Awards.


Helen Mirren (#1 of the evening. She is absolutely exquisite. She always looks wonderful), Marion Cotillard (the Best Actress winner was stunning. Who knew you could make fish fashionable?), Anne Hathaway (yes, it does look like a lot like Kate Winslet's 2002 Oscar dress, but it is still gorgeous. The draping is amazing)

Jessica Alba (no one can ever claim that being pregnant means you can't look fabulous), Kristin Chenoweth (chic and amazing. Chenoweth is one of our favorite actors and we are happy she went with this beautiful dress. It looks a little like undergarments. So fasnionable)


Kelly Preston (let's just start with the amazing color. It's pure perfection on the beautiful Preston. Don't get us started on the cut. Preston's body looks unbelievable), Saoirse Ronan (she's just a kid, but she looks great. It's age-appropriate and she looks pretty), Miley Cyrus (as annoyed as we are to put this annoying gal on our list... well, she deserves it. The dress is classy and delightful and like Ronan, age-appropriate for the little tyke. Well done, Cyrus)


Jessica Alba (this elegant, yet contemporary up 'do is lovely and the gorgeous Alba is glowing), Amy Adams (we absolutely love her hair color. She knows how to do the 40's down 'do well)

Kristen Chenoweth (it's modern and chic and we love it. She looks amazing), Leslie Mann (she does the wild, curly look well. Gorgeous)


Nicole Kidman (we're really confused by this look. The dress is matronly, the jewels are overwhelming. Why? Supposedly she's pregnant, but barely. Why would she go with this hideous look), Diablo Cody (yes, she's rebellious. Yes, she dances to the beat of her own drum. Don't get us wrong, we adore Diablo's writing, but this is just tacky. She won the Oscar, but damn, she has to be remembered wearing this), Tilda Swinton (why? Why? It's ridiculous to wear a trash bag when you win an Oscar)


Penelope Cruz (it's a nice try, but it's not working. The frilled bust line and the hanging beads are just fugly), Ellen Page (we get it. You're too cool to try and look nice. You don't care how you look. You don't want to compromise your style because of fame. But, this is just so boring. Couldn't you go with some punk rocker glam look or something)


Renee Zellweger (we hate to say this, but is she just getting more unattractive every year? What on earth could have possessed her to 1) cut her hair this short and 2) try a messy mop look. On a side note, her skin looks like a brillo pad), Katherine Heigl (we've said it before and we'll say it again... there are only a handful of people who can pull off the Marilyn look. Heigl, you are NOT one of them. Heinous and her makeup is awful)

Jennifer Garner (it's just a bad attempt at a stylish up 'do. Try again, Garner), Laura Linney (it reminds us of a 50's housewife. It's bouffant in all the wrong places)


Keri Russell (very pretty and chic, but we would have gone with a different color. Maybe a light pink or baby blue to bring out her eyes), Vanessa Paradis (she looks very French chic. This is the way Jolie should have gone when she took home her Oscar in 2000), Julie Christie (it's a little too short for the Oscars and the gloves are heinous. The dress is lovely though and the 66-year-old Christie looks amazing)

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