Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2009 Golden Globe Awards

The biggest trends of the night seemed to be creams, pastels, big jewels, and a salute to old Hollywood glamour. Here's a look at the best and worst of the 2009 Golden Globe Awards.


Salma Hayek (the #1 best look of the night. She's sleek, sexy, and gorgeous), Eva Longoria (a very close 2nd in a stunning tomato-colored gown)

Olivia Wilde (absolutely gorgeous look. The color is so soft and pretty), January Jones (elegant and beautiful in baby blue. She looks very 40's Hollywood), Anne Hathaway (another elegant look. The color of the gown is great, particularly because it doesn't wash out her pale skin)


Drew Barrymore (is actually the best dress of the night. She would have made best overall, but the hair is atrocious), Evan Rachel Wood (it's a modern adaptation of the flapper look and it rocks), Anna Paquin (love, love, love this color on her. The layering of the gown is very chic)

Anna Paquin (we're very surprised that she would wear something so beautiful. We love the color and pattern), Amy Adams (we love it... too bad Adams didn't do it justice), Cameron Diaz (she always goes for the messy, asymmetrical look, and sometimes it works. The color and cut look great on her long, lean body)


Eva Longoria (the best up 'do of the night. It's absolutely gorgeous and sleek and the earrings just take it to the next level), January Jones (she does the Veronica Lake look very well)

Hayden Panettiere (a soft, elegant side 'do that looks fabulous), Laura Linney (she did the best wild down 'do of the evening)


Maggie Gyllenhaal (#1 worst of the night. We aren't really sure what she was trying to do. The poof hair, the hideous dress), Megan Fox (the weird off-centered hair, the yucky tattoos, and the tacky gown. Sorry Megan. You are not hot enough to make this work), Renee Zellweger (we're very confused by this old-fashioned look. The sheer top is not flattering and the disgusting hair is just wrong)


Jennifer Lopez (horrible color and cut... especially with her muffin top), Blake Lively (the dress doesn't have enough fabric, which makes it look cheap and slutty. Also, Blake, please invest in some Spanx. Even skinny gals need help with their shape sometimes)

Rachel Griffiths (the gown has no shape whatsoever. A belt might help), Freida Pinto (we really love this lady, but this dress is a don't. It's messy, messy, messy)


Tina Fey (not sure what she was going for. It's boring and pointless), Drew Barrymore (she tried the Marilyn Monroe look, but it's more like Monroe on crack)

Eva Mendes (fugly up 'do), Jenna Fischer (she loves to look bad. This isn't even good enough for prom)

Christina Applegate (now this is good enough for prom), Cameron Diaz (we hate the two-toned hair thing. It just looks like she forgot to touch up her roots... for, like, 5 months)


Demi Moore (we like the dress, but we wouldn't preferred an up 'do for Moore), Penelope Cruz (she looks nice, but the hair and dress are a little on the boring side)

Kate Winslet (the double Golden Globe winner almost had it with this gown. The top seems to have a bit too much fabric for our tastes, though), America Ferrera (we love the length and color, but the skirt is a little too puffy... almost like cupcake frosting)

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