Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2009 Academy Awards

Trends of the night were creams, strapless, one-shouldered, golden-age Hollywood looks, and seriously bad hair. Check out the best and worst of the 2009 Oscars.


Natalie Portman (the #1 look of the evening. She looks perfect in a lavender Rodarte gown), Taraji P. Henson (the Best Supporting Actress nominee was a very close 2nd in a gorgeous cream mermaid dress and amazing necklace), Penelope Cruz (she was a winner during the show and on the red carpet in a lovely cream dress)


Tilda Swinton (try and take your eyes off the hideous hair for a moment and check out the amazing ensemble), Virginia Madsen (beautiful red satin gown is perfect for the night)

Angelina Jolie (simple, but sexy and elegant), Alicia Keys (although it resembles Portman's gown, it is just as pretty and flowy)


Freida Pinto (the best 'do of the evening makes the already gorgeous Pinto look stellar), Amanda Seyfried (best down 'do of the night. Her curls are beautiful), Anne Hathaway (a great up 'do)


Kate Winslet (the #1 worst look of the evening went to the Best Actress winner, herself. It's a shame she had to try this crazy look. Her hair is a lego helmet), Beyonce Knowles (this may be the ugliest gown we've ever seen. It's from her clothing line, isn't it?)

Whoopi Goldberg (she always makes a mark during awards show and this year was no different. Did we say mark? We meant stain), Amy Adams (it's not working. The dress is blah, the hair is pointless, and the necklace is overbearing)


Reese Witherspoon (just awful and it saddens us to say that about fabulous Rodarte), Amanda Seyfried (she was trying to go for the old Hollywood look and it just looks terrible), Naomi Watts (the dress looks as though it is literally falling off of her. The bust looks like a bra. Just ughhhh)

Marisa Tomei (it was a nice try, but it isn't working. We thinks it's the layering), Miley Cyrus (bedazzled lettuce? Stop coming to film award shows Cyrus. You clearly don't belong)


Kate Winslet (we had to show you the side view of the Lego hair. It's hideous), Alicia Keys (is she wearing a wig? We don't understand... she has such lovely natural hair)

Reese Witherspoon (we are pretty sure her publicist did this for her in the car), Nicole Kidman (fugly attempt at a pretty 'do), Tilda Swinton (the color is not working for her. She looks like a washed-out alien)

Melissa Leo (the color is horrible and the style makes her look... her own age), Sarah Jessica Parker (we aren't feeling the two-toned look. She should really reconsider the part-down-the-midle look)


Freida Pinto (almost there, but we would have preferred no sleeve), Meryl Streep (it's very pretty and she certainly takes the best over-45 look)

Jennifer Aniston (we love this look, but Aniston... can you ever do anything but a down 'do?), Queen Latifah (we love the color on her, but we would have preferred the bottom to be a little cleaner)

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