Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Dressed - 2010 Academy Awards

Trends of the evening were toned-down colors, beautiful chiffons, strapless, halter, and one-shouldered. The over-40 crowd killed their younger competition at this year's Academy Awards.


Helen Mirren (#1 of the night. She proves time and time again that you can be radiant at any age. She blows all the young starlets away with this sparkling silver masterpiece), Queen Latifah (she put everyone to shame in the beautiful satin number. She gets points for knowing exactly how to dress for her body. The pink color of this gown highlights her fabulous caramel-colored skin and makes her positively glow)


Demi Moore (looks ravishing in this ruffled frock. The bodice is stunning), Michelle Pfeiffer (decided on a beautiful one-shouldered crimson gown), Meryl Streep (she's known to go a little crazy when it's time to dress up, but this year she nailed it. This lovely dress compliments all her curves, but stays away from a matronly look)


Sandra Bullock (can't really go wrong with a glamorous Hollywood down 'do), Kate Winslet (channels 1940s Veronica Lake with this elegant look)


Sarah Jessica Parker (as painful as this is to admit, she looks like the candlestick from "Beauty and the Beast". Why SJP? WHY????), Diane Kruger (doesn't surprise here. She always looks crazy)


Vera Farmiga (should have paid closer attention at the Golden Globes this year. If she had, she would have known that Chloe Sevigny tried this look. It didn't work then either. This practically drowns the usually pretty Vera), Virginia Madsen (is looking her age in this matronly frock)

Zoe Saldana (took a huge risk in the name of fashion. Sometimes, however, risks don't pay off. Sorry Zoe, as beautiful as you are, this looks nuts), Charlize Theron (she's known to take big risks and when she falls... she falls hard. The color is blah on her skin tone and don't even get us started on the strategically placed flowers), Kate Winslet (must think she's back in high school. This is so Jessica McClintock circa 1997)


Demi Moore (got her hair done at the same place Kate Winslet bought her dress. This isn't the time to re-live your prom days, Demi!), Carey Mulligan (although we understand that this look is probably for a project and although we love a good pixie (hello Ginnifer), the color is awful and the overall stiffness makes it look like a helmet)

Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez (the three amigos... or rather offenders. We guess this was one of the 'looks of the evening'. SJP went this route and we saw how that turned out. The messy 'do always... well, looks messy. Enough said!


Penelope Cruz (a great dress, but a little too much for her. She needs to put on about four inches.. of height), Molly Ringwald (with her fire-red chic haircut against the contrast of her bold, deep purple frock, she moved herself back to center stage for the evening)

Kristen Stewart (picked out a great gown, but the problem lies with what's in it. Kristen masters the gawky, awkward look. Our advice: stay off the red carpet for a while), Cameron Diaz (she departed from her usual bohemian, messy thing and tried the ultra-glam look. This is the Cameron we knew was in there somewhere), Tina Fey (although this dress is beautiful, Tina makes it look a bit average. We love you anyway Ms. Fey)

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