Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Dressed - 2010 Emmy Awards

Trends ranged from the one shoulder look to high front/long train. Here is a look at the fashion of the 2010 Emmy Awards.


Claire Danes (#1 of the night. She looks absolutely perfect. Her skin is just bronzed enough so that she doesn't look washed out. In other words, she doesn't look like a pumpkin.) Edie Falco (it's not the most fabulous dress ever, but we think she looks great. It works and she just looks so good)


Kyra Sedgwick (the dress is beautiful. A great color on her. It looks so soft and pretty), Mariska Hargitay (since having her son she has never gotten back to her skinny days. We actually think she looks better now with a little more meat on her bones. This dress is snug in all the right places. The color is fabulous on her), Sarah Hyland (she's young and this dress is perfect for her. It's gorgeous and it doesn't try and make her look older)


Emily Blunt (this is a great use of a beautiful accessory. Her hair looks stunning), Christina Hendricks (Her hair color is fabulous and the loose, carefree waves frame her face very well), Dianna Agron (this is a great up 'do. It's classic and looks effortless)


Padma Lakshmi (we thought supermodels were supposed to know something about fashion. She just looks like she threw something on and headed out the door), Kelly Osbourne (she reminds us of one of those weird candlesticks. Her hair is crazy and this dress doesn't look good on her at all), January Jones (dear Lord. We don't have much to say about this one. Oh, we do have one word: brush)

Heidi Klum (why are we not surprised? She always looks terrible. Another fashion-retarded model), Betty White (wow. We know you're old, but is it really an excuse? It reminds us of Easter Sunday service), Anna Paquin (another familiar face on the worst list. This is hideous and it makes her belly look puffy)


Christina Hendricks (she has a real problem with how she dresses. We know you wanna proudly show off your puppies Christina, but damn. This just looks tacky), Emily Blunt (this gown looks cheap. What's with the cotton balls?)

Julianna Margulies (It reminds us of a New York sidewalk. Trash bags... lots of trash bags), Emily Deschanel (she got a little ambitious with this one. Pick one risk. You can't do a bright color AND tons of overlap)


Rose Byrne (this is just a shame. Rose is such a stunning woman. This hair is a mess. Awful!!!), Elisabeth Moss (she is not known for beauty in this business, so you would think she would take more care with her appearance. This looks like a helmet. It's very Hillary Clinton circa 1997)


Jane Lynch (although we're not a fan of this color on her, the cut of the dress works well on her frame), Tina Fey (this was a risky one. We actually like the dress. It gets to be a little too much. We would have suggested sleeveless. Also, her hair wasn't really working with this gown), Keri Russell (we think she looks wonderful. The only problem is... this is more Spirit Awards. The Emmy's are too dressy for this beachy look), Lea Michele (the necklace is too much, her hair should be up, and the ruffles get to be annoying after a while, but all and all she looks good)

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