Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Dressed - 2011 Golden Globe Awards

Green seemed to be the color of the evening along with sparkling sequins and beautiful chiffon. Here's a look at our favorites and... least favorites from the 68th Golden Globe Awards.


Anne Hathaway (#1 of the night. She looks very chic and sexy), Melissa Leo (stunning and perfect for her body and age), Halle Berry (this is her signature look and it always works)


Mandy Moore (Beautiful. Reminds us of a cross between Drew's baby blue dress and Mary Louise Parker's blue stunner at the 2009 Globes, which were both spectacular), Lea Michele (great color on her and great fit), Eva Longoria (very lovely cut and color)


Olivia Wilde (best bangs look), Michelle Williams (best short look),

Claire Danes (best up-do), January Jones (best classic style)


Helena Bonham Carter (the queen of bad makes the list yet again), Christina Aguilera (ughhh, she still thinks she's a size zero)

Jennifer Lopez (white eyeshadow... really?), Emma Stone (she's channeling Tilda Swinton's alien look. We hate when the dress, skin, and hair all match), Sandra Bullock (is she donning a wig?)


Julianne Moore (the color is bad enough, but that damn puffy shoulder), Jennifer Lawrence (she did so well at the Critics' Choice Awards... what happened?), Amy Adams (she ALWAYS does this cut... boring and ugly and for goodness sake... change your hairdo every now and then)

Angelina Jolie (why, Angie... why? Why didn't you have your hair done?), Natalie Portman (it would be great without that hideous flower and those red platform shoes)


Mila Kunis (the big poof... we're not a fan), Annette Bening (we think she is channeling Tim Burton), Scarlett Johansson (the slightly-to-the side look isn't working. Natalie tried that too and did it a little better. It just looks messy)


Catherine Zeta-Jones (would've won best overall if it weren't for the fabric of the dress. It's like a set of curtains), Katey Sagal (Best look over 50)

Piper Perabo (this would have looked perfect in a bold blue or red color), Julia Stiles (very pretty dress that we've seen many times before. The hair is not working for us)

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