Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best Dressed - 2012 Emmy Awards

Trends of the night were yellow, yellow, yellow... greens, blues, reds, old Hollywood glamour, cutting-edge futuristic, and long, flowy curls. Join us in reviewing the best and worst of the 2012 Emmy Awards.


Edie Falco (#1 of the night in a fabulous chic frock. Her sleek pony and bangs finish off the stunning look. Absolutely amazing), Kat Dennings (we've never seen her looking this beautiful. She took a page from old Hollywood and looks ravishing in red), January Jones (the new mom is insanely hot in this fierce number. The hair and makeup make it a winning look)

Zooey Deschanel (finally this funny lady has done superb. She looks like a goddess), Jessica Lange (the Emmy winner took best look for the over-50 crowd. It's not the best dress ever, but she wears it so well. She just looks amazing)



Leslie Mann (Absolutely beautiful dress. The best yellow gown of the evening. She would have been Best Overall if she had brushed her hair), Jessica Pare (it's elegant, simple, but classy. We only wish her hair wasn't dyed black)


Padma Lakshmi (this gorgeous gown looks almost identical to Mandy Moore's 2011 Golden Globes frock, but Padma made the right choice picking orange. The color is amazing on her caramel skin), Sarah Hyland (she never seems to get the hair right, but the dress is stunning)



Mayim Bialik (her hair looks amazing. She's very old Hollywood), Christina Hendricks (yes, she is always on our Best Hair list. What can we tell you? That color is fierce), Zooey Deschanel (the best up 'do of the night. She looks great)



Glenn Close (well, we knew she would be back to her old ways soon. This is just plain ugly... unflattering... and... did we say ugly? And the white blonde is not looking so great), Lena Headey (oh man, she looks like she was channeling a little Cher from the 1988 Oscars. That's not a good thing, Lena), Zosia Mamet (we're totally confused by this dress. What is going on in the knee area?)

Elisabeth Moss (the dress is flower vomit with a cut circa 1989 and the bleached-blonde hair looks fried), Hayden Panettiere (she always struggles with fashion. She has a hard time dressing for her stout muscular build. This was not a good idea, Hayden)



Lena Dunham (the fabric and color are not bad, but the amount of dress is overwhelming. This might have worked as a tea-length. She obviously was trying to cover her body as much as possible, but that usually makes it look worse... right Melissa McCarthy?), Sofia Vergara (it looks more fish, than mermaid and the color is way too much)


Julianne Moore (too much coverage. If you do a long skirt, then go for straps or sleeveless. If you want long sleeves, go with a shorter skirt. She also could have benefitted from a small belt), Alexandra Breckenridge (the cut is wrong and the fabric looks cheap)



Kathy Griffin (no surprise that Ms. Griffin would have hideous hair with her massive bangs. We were surprised, however, that she did not end up on the Worst Dress list), Christine Baranski (the multi-colored hair barely works on a teenager, so 60-year-old Christine should have told her hair dresser 'no'), Anna Chlumsky (we are so happy to see "My Girl" back on screen, but couldn't she have figured out the hair situation?)

Kate Mara (we loved her in "American Horror Story", but the side prom 'do is soooo over), Kerry Washington (we adore Ms. Washington in "Scandal", but it doesn't even look like she tried. Did she just roll out of bed?), Sarah Hyland (the middle part is not working for her. She really should try a straight, chic cut)



Mayim Bialik (we've never seen her looking this attractive. The dress and the 'do are a homage to Katharine Hepburn circa "The Philadelphia Story". She almost made Best Overall, but something is missing. A chic brooch, maybe. Brava, Mayim), Anna Chlumsky (we are digging the dress, but we would have gone with a different color. Perhaps a navy or dark purple), Julie Bowen (the Emmy winner is #2 best yellow frock of the evening... but it screams fluorescent highlighter)

Tina Fey (maybe she has a new stylist because she has been doing very well this past year. She is learning how to dress for her body. She looks great), Ginnifer Goodwin (we like the color and the design, but we hate the uneven skirt. This would have made Best Dress if it had been tea-length), Kristen Wiig (she is learning how to work that chestnut brown color and her dress is cute and ethereal. Good job, Wiig)

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