Thursday, October 3, 2013

Best Dressed - 2013 Emmy Awards

Television's biggest night had some of the best looks of the year, besting even the Oscars. Trends of the night included reds, blues, greens, lace, sheer, prom, and ruffles galore. Join us in reviewing the best and worst of the 2013 Emmy Awards.



Kristen Connolly (#1 Best Dressed of the Night. The dress is simply fabulous and her chic bob is perfect), Edie Falco (a close 2nd because she just really knows how to do herself up well. The color is one of the most popular of the night, but the cut and her flowy hair make the look amazing)


Kerry Washington (this is a beautiful dress for a beautiful star), Zooey Deschanel (we are honestly surprised with how great the "New Girl" has been dressing in the last year... maybe a new stylist? Regardless, powder-blue with her dark locks and bright eyes is stunning)


Sarah Paulson (the bold color, the sexy cut, the lovely hair... all make this look wonderful), Rose Byrne (we love her new hair color and new man. Baby pink is gorgeous on her bronzed complexion), Tina Fey (it seems Ms. Fey took our advice. She picked a dress that accentuates her great body and has a bright, pretty color)


Kaley Cuoco (such a gorgeous, rich crimson for this sheer frock. Cuoco looks amazing), Sofia Vergara (red is her signature color and she does it well again in this form-fitting gown), Julianne Hough (yes, it's a little tacky, but we love it. The color is one of our favorites and we love the beaded, sheerness of it)

Julie Bowen (it reminds us of classic Barbie. We think she looks great), Malin Akerman (always a pretty color and style of dress), Katrina Bowden (we love a good navy dress and we are digging the belt too)


Allison Williams (best beautiful, wavy down 'do), January Jones (best throw-back hair. Very 20s chic), Kate Mara (best straight 'do of the night)


Paula Abdul (did Michael Jackson get resurrected?), Vera Farmiga (she looks like the angel of death and this dress makes her skinny frame look chubby), Sarah Hyland (it's not so much the ugly dress or the hair that does it... it's her horrible spray tan that makes the entire look horrendous)


Anna Faris (where do we begin? The bangs are bad, the hair color is bad, the dress is ugly and ill-fitting... just bad), Lena Dunham (as if the horrible makeup weren't enough, she had to wear a tent)

Zosia Mamet (the color is just terrible and the cut is like another circus tent), Heidi Klum (she literally ALWAYS makes our worst dressed list. We've said it before and we'll say it again, how is it that a supermodel can have no sense of style?)

Lena Headey (she tried to do Julianne Hough's look, but she fails miserably... mainly because she is wearing white pumps), Carrie Underwood (this is just such a prom-Jessica-McClintock gown and the color and her hair are the worst)


Alyson Hannigan (she did the prom look too and it is just as bad. Normally this deep purple would look great with her red hair, but the style of the dress overrides it), Mayim Bialik (green is good on her, but this dress looks like it was made in Home Ec), Jessica Lange (she's usually really great at dressing herself, but this ambitious gown is too much)

Anna Chlumsky (we are sooooo very excited for her triumphant return to Hollywood, but this dress does not do her post-baby bod justice. Also, it would have been better in a richer green), Leslie Mann (it's on the right track, but the lines going ever-which-way are not flattering and we don't like the sheer skirt)



The blonds take the cake: Elisabeth Moss (she never knows what looks good on her, so it's no surprise that she would go platinum blond), Katrina Bowden (it's an ugly up 'do and bad roots), Robin Wright (we heart this lady, but the rat tail is heinous. Can you say mullet?), Malin Akerman (another bad prom 'do)


Jessica Pare (this beauty is channeling 50s chic and she's almost there. We suggest a different material next time), Allison Janney (a very pretty cut, but the color is a little too young starlet for this veteran)

Morena Baccarin (we love the dress, but the color is a little too bright. Maybe a navy next time?), Claire Danes (the 3-time Emmy winner donned a 20s-esque frock and a faux bob, but in the end she kind of looked washed out)

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