Monday, March 18, 2013

Best Dressed - 2013 Academy Awards

This has been the most difficult awards ceremony to judge because no one really brought it. Trends of the night: white/cream gowns, strapless, reds, minimal, and plain aka boring. Here are the best and worst of the 2013 Academy Awards. 


Charlize Theron (#1 of the night simply because she looks flawless. The dress isn't the best of the evening, but her overall look is sleek, chic, and absolutely gorgeous), Sally Field (a beautiful and chic gown. She looks better than most of young Hollywood)


Kerry Washington (it's a very pretty gown. Kerry's caramel skin is lovely in salmon), Amanda Seyfried (apparently Anne Hathaway was supposed to wear a Valentino gown very similar to this. Well, in the Anne versus Amanda war... Amanda won hands down. We love the collar), Amy Adams (we've seen this dress before, but it's lovely on pretty Amy)


Jennifer Lawrence (best up 'do), Reese Witherspoon (best Veronica Lake impression)

Jessica Chastain (best color and down 'do), Sandra Bullock (best straight, chic look)


Jacki Weaver (to start off, she looks like she was electrocuted. She needs to lay off of the botox. The dress is hideous. She looks like a sardine), Salma Hayek (how can you look this bad when you are one of the most beautiful women in the world AND you are married to one of the biggest fashion conglomerate owners? It's awful)

Halle Berry (the frosted tips are horrendous and haven't been seen since The Backstreet Boys. We were on the fence with the dress, but in the end the stiff shoulders did the look in. The dress would have worked if it had been sleeveless or strapless), Melissa McCarthy (one of the worst dressed stars out today. The gown looks like a jersey sack dress and her hair gives the impression that she stuck her head out of the window all the way to the ceremony)


Catherine Zeta-Jones (the dress is a gold disaster. And, this is a little off the subject, but Zeta-Jones has aged A LOT. She barely resembles the drop-dead gorgeous girl of "The Mask of Zorro". What happened?), Jennifer Hudson (her rendition of "I'm Not Going" blew away the "Chicago" and "Les Miserables" performances, but this glittery, tacky gown reminds us of the 1992 Daytime Emmy Awards)

Nicole Kidman (the notoriously bad dresser does it again with a hideous, hideous, hideous... dare we say... gown), Zoe Saldana (she has taken risks before and we have yet to see them pay off. Just bad)


Helena Bonham Carter (it's amazing she didn't make our worst dressed list, but she did keep to tradition by doing an awful up 'do. Wind tunnel), Renee Zellweger (what is going on with this lady? It's like she didn't even try and her mousy brown color is horrid. Blonde or brown! Pick one. BTW: what a complete let-down "Chicago" cast. All the stories about a "big" reunion and all you do is present an award? Boring, boring, boring)

Jennifer Garner (someone PLEASE tell her to stop doing this look. It doesn't work with her face and forehead. The middle part doesn't suit her. Please do a side part or get bangs), Adele (it looks like she was meant to go to the country music awards in 2000. Why so big and puffy?)


Naomi Watts (the cut of this dress is to-die-for, but the shimmery color is all wrong. She should have gone with a navy or dark purple. That would have allowed the cut to stand out), Jane Fonda (we like the cut and her body is banging, but the color is a little too yellow highlighter. A softer yellow next time, Fonda!)

Octavia Spencer (this could have worked in a different color. Also, she needed something to separate the top and bottom... a sash or belt perhaps), Samantha Barks (the dress is very simple, but it looks incredible on her body. She should have done something revolutionary with her hair)

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