Thursday, February 7, 2013

Best Dressed - 2013 SAG Awards

The biggest trends of the night:  Side 'dos, lace, flowy skirts, black and white. Please join us in taking a look at the best and worst dressed of the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Marion Cotillard (#1 Best Look of the Night. Elegant and a bit avant-garde. We heart her)

Jessica Chastain (or should we say Jessica Rabbit? She's ravishing in red and we really wish she had taken the Best Actress statue home), Ariel Winter (despite all the family drama, she looks absolutely beautiful and very age appropriate)


Sofia Vergara (elegant, stunning, and gorgeous... especially for the cleavage queen), Zuleikha Robinson (this is what Lucy Liu was attempting at the Globes. Robinson's version is ethereal, flowy, and beautiful)

Alfre Woodard (she takes the best over-50 look of the night. It's flowy, charming, and the color is perfect for her milk chocolate skin), Nina Dobrev (it would have been too simple, but the side slits and vibrant color make it one of the best)


Mayim Bialik (there were quite a few who did the side waves, but Mayim's was the most beautiful), Claire Danes (it's loose and a bit messy and she looks great. We love the dark red lipstick too)



January Jones (the worst, worst, worst of the evening. It's hideous), Kaley Cuoco (the dress, the cut, the length, the horrid hair... it's disgusting), Ellie Kemper (forget the fact that she looks like an albino, the recent trend of ice-capades gowns is still... ugly)


Angela Kinsey (it makes her body look uneven. It's not attractive for her), Julia Stiles (we hate to say this, but she is looking a little man-ish. The snake-skin dress is hideous too)


Helen Hunt (it might have worked better with no jewelry and a beautiful chestnut brown hair color, but  maybe we are just being optimistic), Julie Bowen (a leather evening gown??? Nothing more to say)


Edie Falco (she took the lace trend too far. It's not flattering. She usually looks so lovely), Nicole Kidman (The former Mrs. Cruise almost always look bad. She has horrible fashion sense. It just looks very daytime television awards), Rose Byrne (it might have worked as a sleeveless, but this version is overbearing. The color is nice though)


Kaley Cuoco (by far the most offensive hair of the evening. It looks like a bad wig that doesn't sit properly on her head), Elisabeth Moss (she always, always, always has bad hair. We don't understand. She could use some bangs and a stylist), Jessica Pare (we said this at the Emmy's... her hair is TOO dark. It washes her out. This Cinderella 'do is not cute)


Amy Poehler (we love this look on her. She is finally back to her body after having two sons and she looks great), Jennifer Lawrence (we were on the fence about this one because it's a little boring, but overall we like it)

Kerry Washington (she should have gone with a beautiful down 'do. The gown is cute and the white looks great on her), Sarah Hyland (this is one of the best dresses she's ever worn. Well done Sarah!)


Claire Danes (we were definitely back and forth with this dress. On one hand it reminds us of Tilda Swinton's hideous 2008 Oscar gown, but on the other hand we love the asymmetry and simple design), Tina Fey (sure it's her staple black dress, but we think she looks good and we love the 40's hair), Anne Hathaway (it's edgy and it really teeters the line between rockin' and crazy)



Marion Cotillard versus Julianna Margulies
THE WINNER: Cotillard

Mayim Bialik versus Edie Falco
THE WINNER: Mayim Bialik 

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