Monday, January 14, 2013

Best Dressed - 2013 Golden Globes Awards

The 2013 Golden Globes were the best we've seen in years. Overall, everyone looked good. It was a actually a little difficult finding the "worst looks". Trends of the night: big flowing curls, sparkles, strapless and mermaid-cut gowns, creams, reds, and eggplant purples.


Claire Danes (#1 best look of the evening. She's absolutely gorgeous and for the first time, ultra sexy), Julianne Moore (a very close 2nd. This is an homage to her 2009 "A Single Man" look... both designed by Tom Ford)

Kate Hudson (she looks fierce and fabulous. Normally we don't love a busy collar, but she makes it look super sexy), Sally Field (she takes the best over-50 look. It's classy, pretty, and very flattering)


Naomi Watts (it's right out of old Hollywood and Watts is ravishing), Lea Michele (we love the look and cut of this gown. We just wish that Michele toned down the orange toner)

Katherine McPhee (only a few people can pull off a dress like this. Former American Idol runner-up McPhee looks chic, sleek, and sexy), Nicole Richie (normally we try to steer clear of non-actors, but we really love this dress. It's too bad Richie went with an ugly hair color), Eva Longoria (forget that she is trying to pull an Angelina, the dress is gorgeous)


Tina Fey (she looks as though she walked right off one of her Garnier shoots. Her hair is deliciously beautiful and the color looks great on her), Anne Hathaway (she took her awful "Les Miserables" cut and turned it into one of the best pixie cuts since Winona Ryder)

Julianna Margulies (best up 'do of the night. She really looks like Sandra Bullock at the 2012 Oscars), Rachel Weisz (gorgeous and luscious locks are her speciality)


Emily Mortimer (we don't even know where to begin. Her hair is not brushed and the dress makes her look like a shapeless disco ball), Alyssa Milano (putting a belt on a tarp does not a beautiful gown make)

The Ice-Capades Twins: Jennifer Lopez (it seems like another attempt at being edgy and ultra sexy. It just ends up looking pathetic), Julianne Hough (it's Miley Cyrus as a deranged swan)

The Family Drama Twins: Ariel Winter (just boring and ugly and the tiara headband is overkill), Halle Berry (she always goes for a risk and this time it did not pay off. The messy design plus the frosted-tips really don't do her justice)

Helena Bonham Carter (what would our list be like without our favorite "bad" dresser. Helena is ughhhh in a frock from 1985 and check out the lips clutch), Kristen Bell (this might have worked if she weren't pregnant... see Michelle Dockery's similar gown... someone should tell Kristen that less is more)


Marion Cotillard (we adore this French lady, but this dress doesn't work. Maybe if it were all one length), Kerry Washington (it's a little bit 20s, but the vines and tentacles are just plain ugly), Jo Champa (it just looks big and dowdy)

Thandie Newton (for starters, her hair should be up... but we don't know if that would matter. The dress is too messy and too short), Olivia Munn (the design is ugly... plus the necklace doesn't work), Morena Baccarin (she's one of the most beautiful women on television, but Morena is wearing something Glenn Close would choose)


Lucy Liu (the ratty braid look is always ugly), Michelle Dockery (a boring, puffy, unflattering 'do)

Kaley Cuoco (she looks like the bride of Frankenstein), Jessica Chastain (we love, love, love this ginger, but why did she do this to her hair?)

Jacki Weaver (her hair matches her eyebrows to give her that 'surprised' look. She must have consulted Nicole Kidman), Zosia Mamet (the middle part does NOT work for her face. Very unflattering), Naomi Watts (again with the boring, puffy coiffure)


Adele (she really knows how to dress for her body and she looks great. It might be better in a different, brighter color), Jennifer Lawrence (We like her hair and the color and cut of this dress. The only problem is the awkward protruding bustline, which was a huge trend last year), Megan Fox (we love to see a cream gown on a brunette. This one is just a little plain)

Helen Mirren (it's a little odd, but somehow it works on the Oscar winner. It reminds us of the dress Cate Blanchett wore at the 2011 Oscars), Jennifer Garner (the dress looked fabulous on stage, but it doesn't photograph as well. Jennifer should really rethink this hairdo. It's getting old and isn't the most flattering for her large forehead. We think she would rock bangs), Mayim Bialik (it's very 40s and we love it on her. We think it would be better in a baby blue or light lavendar)


  1. Kate Hudson and Sally's looks were my favorite too!!!!!

  2. YAY!!! Your post-award fashion recap!!! I look forward to this every year.

    Here are my comments:

    Julianne Moore - EXCELLENT homage to that gorgeous dress he wore in "A Single Man". I love when stars continue with a look that works. She looked just devine.

    Kate Hudson - I'm so glad you liked her look. I wasn't sure if you'd go for it. I thought she looks fantastic, her make-up, this 90s dress even her hair (although it would have been better pulled up so we could see more of the design of the dress). This is the first time in a long time that she's looked this good.

    Naomi Watts - YESSSS. Amazing. I'm loving this long sleeved trend happening (a la Hilary Swank's navy Oscar dress). It's such elegant and also makes sense for the middle of January, even if they are in LA.

    Eva Longoria - Ugh, while she looked good, she was exaggerating the leg a little TOO much, almost as if she was begging for the Angelina comparisons. Kind of annoying...

    Nicole Richie - I agree, the hair is just wrong and so is the color. It clashes with the whole look. Why was she there??

    Emily Mortimer - JUST AWFUL!!! The hair especially!! She looked dead or just really pissed off to be there.

    J.Lo - I thought she was wearing a wedding dress.

    Marion Cotillard - the dress looks cheap, doesn't it? Even on tv, it looks flimsy. Come on Dior, you're better than this!

    Kristen Bell - Pregnant and sexy is possible, unfortunately she didn't get the memo. She looks stuffed. That's the only word I could use to describe her: stuffed.

    Olivia Munn - I thought the same exact thing. I was like, what is this dress and that cheesy 80s necklace. Major fail even if she was trying to go simple and chic. It's more like simple and shit.

    Lucy Lui - I actually liked the hair, the dress on the other hand...just hideous. Where was this from the Michelle Tanner exclusively for Laura Ashley Collection?

    I want to add Taylor Swift to worst hair! It looked like a helmet. And to add Amanda Seyfried to best dress with her blush Givenchy.

    Thank you for this awesome recap, SHC!!!!!


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