Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Dressed - 2011 Academy Awards

Trends of the Evening were sequins, purples, reds, emerald accessories, highlights, and bobs. Take a look at the Best and Worst of the 2011 Oscars.


Michelle Williams (is the #1 look of the night with this beautiful sequins dress and fabulous short 'do), Jennifer Lawrence (after a terrible looking awards season, Lawrence nailed the show that really counts. She took Scarlett's look from the Globes a few years back and made it better), Reese Witherspoon (tones down the classic Barbie look and makes it her own. She looks so chic)


Mila Kunis (she doesn't like to play it safe and it finally paid off. She looks perfect in this lilac number. The color goes so well with her olive skin), Natalie Portman (it's hard to find a great dress when you're pregnant, but Natalie picked the right one with this beautiful, flowy Rodarte gown)

Sandra Bullock (she hasn't worked in a year and a half, but she sure knows how to wear a great dress), Melissa Leo (we know many would disagree, but we love this dress. The cut works so well on Melissa's body and apparently the crochet look is in), Jennifer Hudson (try and pull your eyes away from that disgusting hair for a minute and take a look at this incredible dress. It shows off all of Jennifer's curves and the color looks great on her skin)


Cate Blanchett (this is a wonderful cut for her. She looks gorgeous), Helen Mirren (she goes with a young, chic bob and it looks fabulous on her)

Scarlett Johansson (we know it's messy, but we love that she went back to her "Lost in Translation" color and it just works on her), Marisa Tomei (she did the cleaner version of Scarlett's hair and we think it looks great. Can you believe this lady is nearly 50?)


Sharon Stone (we don't know if it's the Snooki-poof or the homage to "Black Swan", but Sharon... we're very disappointed. We expected more from you), Florence Welch (we only learned who this girl was a few weeks ago at the Grammy's, but she is obviously an odd-ball. She's wearing curtains), Helena Bonham Carter (our list wouldn't be complete without our favorite Queen of Bad. Keep on keeping on, Helena)


Nicole Kidman (this is just so hideous. We don't know what Kidman has been thinking. We have heard of something called 'mommy brain', so maybe that explains it), Marisa Tomei (in some shots this doesn't look so bad, but you can see for yourself that this gown is horrid.), Cate Blanchett (we were on the fence about this one. Overall, we think Cate looks marvelous, but the dress by itself is so weird. She looks like a vanity table)


Jennifer Hudson (and the #1 worst hair of the evening goes to the one who wore the terrible hairpiece/wig. We are so confused with this one. Jennifer looked stunning at the Grammy's... why would she go this route for the Oscars?)

Mila Kunis (we're so sick of these stiff, odd 'dos. Mila should have learned from Kate Winslet's Oscar mistake. Don't wear a football helmet to the Oscars), Natalie Portman (we know that she's pregnant and probably very tired, but the half-assed style is not cutting it. You won an Oscar honey, kick it up a notch)

Hailee Steinfeld (She's completely adorable and we know she's only 14, but this isn't the prom. Ditch the headband and let your beautiful hair down), Amy Adams (so at this point in the evening, Amy's hair wasn't so bad. Fast forward to her presenting and you will see why this didn't work. It was messy and got very frizzy. Plus with that semi-high collar, she should have gone with an up 'do)


Penelope Cruz (This dress is pretty, but it treads a little too close to Vegas showgirl. She looks fabulous though, especially considering she had a baby a few weeks ago), Helen Mirren (Dame Helen never disappoints. She would have made best overall, but we're not feeling the color of the gown), Scarlett Johansson (we love this. The cut of the dress is spectacular and she went with a crochet look, much like Melissa Leo. We're not too excited about the color and the fact that you can kind of see through it. Cameron Diaz should take a note from her. This is how you do the messy 'do),

Gwyneth Paltrow (despite her heinous performance, she started out the night well. We like this simple, gold gown. She is sort of channeling Sandra Bullock from last year's Oscars though), Amy Adams (we like the dress a lot. Love that cut and the sequins. We hate her hair and the fact that she added the emerald necklace and bracelet. It clashes and why do you need jewelry with a sparkling gown such as this?), Halle Berry (beautiful as always, but the bottom of the dress is yuck. She should have gone sans tulle)

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